this is what i look like

Programmer, musician, extraordinaire*!



I'm primarily a web developer who dabbles in music when im bored and desktop development when I feel like hating myself. Trying to figure out a way to make it rich while simultaniously keeping all my work open source. Even this website is open source! (MIT Licensed) I like to do dumb, irresponsible things with what little money I acquire. If you would like me to write something dumb or irresponsible be it writing music or writing code, send me an email


unfinished 5

discarded intro to happy party 666.

untitled 1234

actual happy party 666 intro

untitled 100101

untittled 271

not much to say here, just like how it sounds

untitleled 18

dont remember why i made this but i had fun doing it. i remember feeling really embarresed about this because it was so stupid but now i just find it really silly.

unttiled 193 & 193.5

its tckng. bitch

drifting in the 80s



I wanted to recreate defalts's theme from the watch dog level "someones knocking." I like the dial tones it uses.

untitled game jam stuff

Made these for a game jam and only the 3rd one got used. It was a danganronpa ripoff so I ripped off one of the songs too. I was gonna include a tetris minigame but never did it so now I'm just left with that tetris song.

vgm loop 31415926

I made this for a fighting stepmania-type game where you played multiple instruments at once in a sort of pokemon battle but with music instead. You loop different A/B sections to deal different damage and you need to play each note to clear the section

untitled 11923

I thought that would be a cool idea for a game so I wrote this in 6/8 and then I never made the game or thought about the project ever again.

untitled pinao 12313211231

cant do without the classic edm piano

High Velocity & Low Velocity

I remember being pissed about my hard saxophone etude I had to play so I wrote it out in MIDI so i could listen to it on a loop during school and memorize the notes. I thought it would be fun to put on a synth instead of the crappy saxophone instrument and to my surprise it was a banger. so i made this instead of practicing my etude

audio file

untitles 3

untitled IV

untitled 10

untitled -1

untitles 3

space loops

untitled 4

Guitar - very short

I wanted to test out a guitar instrument I got. It's hell to write out without a keyboard to automatically record pitch bend though!

untitled 42

dont have much to say about this one. I dont like it.