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Programmer, musician, extraordinaire*!



I'm primarily a web developer who dabbles in music when im bored and desktop development when I feel like hating myself. Trying to figure out a way to make it rich while simultaniously keeping all my work open source. Even this website is open source! (MIT Licensed) I like to do dumb, irresponsible things with what little money I acquire. If you would like me to write something dumb or irresponsible be it writing music or writing code, send me an email


  • Soundodger Community - place to share custom levels for soundodger+. ngl this one was a lot more half-assed so it uses forum software because i wasn't the first person to run the site and I didn't want to bother migrating everything to some custom crap
  • SpinShare - Online level sharing for Spin Rhythm XD. I maintain the servers and help with the backend written in PHP with Symfony. It's technically open source if you can find our self-hosted GitLab :^)
  • Scream Into the Void - Dumb site I made in a night. Flat-file made in PHP
  • SuperSucc - Dumb image host I made way back when I was learning CSS. Really proud of the pop open login menu even 4 yrs later.
  • wav.pm - I edited the PHP script used in SuperSucc to be used for audio files and have them uploaded to a remote server. The domain has since dropped and has been moved to my site.

Open Source

  • Pixl Chat - Based on Socket.IO's chatroom demo. I glued a pixel art canvas to it so my friends and I could send eachother drawings in language class on our chromebooks
  • Bingo Bot - Discord bot made for Wolfgun's Discord server based on a tweet he made. It generates a gif of someone's avatar being crushed by a Duck Game tombstone, then gives them a BINGO role for a specified amount of time.
  • Apollo - PHP application I made with a simple homebrew templating system and web-based admin panel and template editor. Inspired by my time using MyBB and developing on production!I made it to be simple for my friends to maintain sites I make for them.
  • Soundodger# - This is a Unity port of one of my favorite games, soundodger+ by the wonderful Michael Molinari. I wanted to bring the game to more platforms since it was only natively available on Windows with Flash and the SWF cannot be played by itself. HOWEVER, I did not actually get very far before BEAN HIMSELF announced his sequel, soundodger 2, which is actually being made in unity, which I thought was hysterical. Please wishlist it on steam! It's a great game by a great bean!
  • Anthony Hawk Professional Skateboarder - A calming, textmode game about a skateboarder who wants to acheive their dreams